Loki Wisdom

In case you ever – EVER – feel like

Something or someone rejected you, or treated you badly, therefore there must be something wrong with you, or you’re less-than, or somehow you “earned” it:

Loki on her first day with me

My name is Loki Chewbacca Greeblie Skywalker. It used to be Luke, but I’m opinionated, and I won’t answer to Luke or Lulu or anything but Loki. Also, I was a boy for a few months, but now people say I’m a girl. It’s all good.

I like purring, playing with toys, gnawing on my new Person’s finger, and chasing my sister.

I love cat cookies.

I love food.

I use the catbox perfectly, even though I am just almost 4 months old. (I do like to dig in it like a little power blender, though, and throw sand out. 😬)

At this moment, I smell like powdered sugar donuts and poop.

Someone threw me outside in a tiny closed box, and left me to die.

Someone stuck gum in my fur.

Someone threw me away like I didn’t matter. When people heard me crying and rescued me, I couldn’t walk; I hadn’t been able to stretch or use my legs for weeks.

Foster mom saved my life, and it was a close thing. Then she gave me to new mommy.

(My new mommy makes sure If I ever kick my legs, I have plenty of room to stretch them out. I’ll always be supported to stretch and run and reach and climb and play and grow.)

* * *

Does it make this baby, this beautiful, perfect baby girl, any less than magnificent, that some person saw fit to abuse and discard her, and could not see how wonderful she is?


Just wanted to remind you.

She’s got plenty of purrs – enough for you, too – until the hearts that feel turned away,


Understand that your value is not up for negotiation with anyone.

Oh, and there’s a p.s.: The people or person who hurt me have their own karma, in that they’re the kind of people who can do that.

I don’t think about the gum or the cardboard box prison anymore. I have a family that loves me. I trust them and I am completely happy, strong, and unafraid.

If I hung on to the gum and cardboard box and growled at all people, I’d be dragging the past into my future. ❤️ no way! How others behaved that landed on me, is not my karma to carry.

this is her now, at age 2!
she’s a big, strong girl – and still growing.
she is love

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