Day 123: Being Ahsoka FAQs

it is Day 123 of my Becoming Ahsoka Project.
I actually was able to put this character together and get her approved much faster than I had anticipated, because of a last-minute find, someone selling their full Ashoka set including Lekku.
Otherwise, I would still not have my headdress. The man who makes them is slammed, so my official Lekku still have not arrived.
I have strung beads and attached them to this headdress with earth magnets; I have sourced a Padawan “braid” (Ashoka’s is beaded) from a wonderful Ahsoka cosplayer in Italy; I have strung yet more beads, and repainted this headpiece 3-4 times… suffice it to say, I am very fond of it now.
When my official one comes, I will repaint this one to permanently be “Darkside” Ahsoka. (She can be seen in the “Mortis” episode of Clone wars. She only makes one appearance.) I have been approved for the 501st now with her. (yay!) I am going to hold off trooping with the 501st until I can permanently paint my Lekku. It is time-consuming to dress it for Mortis, then re-paint again to be Ahsoka.

So. All that having been said: if you’re a cosplayer looking to build Ashoka, get approved with the Rebel Legion or the 501st, and begin trooping, the chances are slim that it will only take you 123 days.
I was reeeeally fortunate. Also: I think the force was in play here, as this has kicked me right into a new life, and helped me keep my head above water.

I got TOO busy, though, and have been ill off and on since Nov. 1. I think a bit of rest might be in order, now that the dust has settled.

So here are some FAQs that mostly policemen, paramedics and firemen (oh hiiiiii, adorables) have asked me during my troops.


1) Are you a Star Wars fanatic?

– No. Really, no. I am a Lord of the Rings fan, a Gail Carriger/ steampunk fanatic, and I’m utterly mad about manymany books. Star Wars is something I grew up on, and was reintroduced to by my ex. We shared it, and it has a new place in my heart as a result. I discovered Ahsoka with him. In her I found out WHY I have always loved Star Wars primarily in all sci fi.  (see #2)


2) Star Trek, or Star Wars? 

I never could quite define why, but Star Wars. All the way. When I discovered Ahsoka Tano, she solidified it for me. The women of Star Wars are simply extraordinary. They are full human beings with ambitions and fierceness, who don’t shrink into “yes sir/no sir,” pleasing-to-men, mini-skirted little servants. Which…yes…is the message a very young me got from Star Trek. The women were not role models to me. I focused on Spock…but it was still all about men. That is my experience acting in the Star Trek world, as well. I have ZERO space for the women-are-pretty-little-inferiors conversation, even if it’s subtle. nope. next. Then there was Leia, firing blasters, rescuing herself, asking for help when she needed to, sassing back, kissing whomever she wanted to kiss, (even if it was a mistake. nooo leia, that’s your bro.), defeating baddies even when she was humiliated in a bikini and only had the chain around her neck to work with. Leia. unforgettable, unstoppable, and always my hero. Star Wars, all the way, and every time. (and, of course, add John Williams, and there really is just no question. what was the question?)

2 1/2) What are you? 
I am a Togruta, from the planet Shili. I was discovered by Jedi Master Plo Koon when I was three years old. (Yes, a fireman grilled me about my planet. First person who has ever asked me that. Thank Goodness I am a researcher.) 

3) How long does this take you? 

I give it three hours. I’ve gotten quicker with the prep process, but there are a lot of little bits to remember. I cover my eyebrows first, and I want to have plenty of extra time in case that doesn’t go smoothly. It needs to be done well. Then, I apply sticky stencils to my face. Then, I cover my body with makeup. Body first, so it can dry. Then, I take my time painting my face – i use a few different shades. Then I remove the stencils and do the white markings. Then, I do regular “glam” makeup.
The costume has a lot of little pieces. I’ve had to go back home once, when I forgot the necklace or the contact lenses.
Sometimes I save the lenses for right before a troop, and other times, I put them in at home.

3 1/2) What is that on your head?

The kitty-cat ears are called Montrals, and the three long pieces are called Lekku. The Lekku are like my antennae; they are very sensitive. Yes, you can touch them if you ask first.

4) Can you see?

Yes. I can see perfectly well in the blue lenses, and they are very comfortable. I can’t see as well in the sith ones, so I will be applying those before a troop, at the location.
5) Can you hear?


…No. I can’t hear much. If I smile and nod, and the question or statement wasn’t a smile-and-nod kind of question, chances are I didn’t hear you, but am growing self-conscious about leaning my lekku next to your mouth, or saying “ehhh?”

6) Are you single?

I am not single, in the sense that I am absolutely not looking for partnership at this time. Thank you. I also probably wouldn’t date someone who first met me when I’m wearing nothing as Ahsoka. No matter how handsome and kind you seem, (yes, I’m looking at you, firemen of the world), you don’t know me. When it’s right, I’ll probably wind up getting together with a true friend. I am uninterested in partnership for the sake of partnership.  I’ve had enough romantic love. I’m kinda done, for a while. I’ll let you know if that changes. In the meantime, there is no such thing as “Friendzone,” I think friendship is valuable. But I’m going to be clear and reiterate that, if you push for more in the guise of friendship. thanks!
7) Do you work out?

Yes. That was the point of Project Ahsoka. I didn’t want just a numbers goal (not to knock those. they are difficult. but they didn’t motivate me) or a goal like “I will run a marathon.”  I wanted something that would fire me up. This was it. I do crossfit, although I haven’t really been there for two months (see paragraph 1), I do pushups, jump rope, situps, squats and work with weights at home, and I do solo sessions on the heavy bags at a gym right down the street from me. Exercise is therapy to me.

8) Why are you here? Did Disney hire you?

No, I do not work for Disney. We are volunteers. the 501st and Rebel Legion are strictly volunteer organizations, unless hired under our agreement with Lucasfilms (that was added with the Mandalorian, I believe.) I do this because when I *did* work for Disney, working with the Make-a-wish program was my favorite aspect of it. Also the charity shows and meals we did for those in need. I learned that giving love to others who needed some brightness makes me feel happy, and feel like my life has a little more purpose to it. I am here (at any given troop) because it has saved my life to focus on embodying a character I love and admire, who has heroic and brave, confident qualities I wish to develop in myself – and bringing the joy of the story world she lives in to others and to causes that need support.  Woo-hoo, run-on sentence, go you!
9) Will you come to my house? 

No. I would not feel safe. But you can bring your household to a troop 🙂
10) I saw you on youtube/ at the Disney opening of Galaxy’s Edge!

Hmmm… you saw Ahsoka? Well, that is wonderful. I am sure I was there. ❤ 😉
11) How can I help the Resistance?

Keep hope alive. Also: If someone says “Ignite the Spark,” to you, your response is “Light the Fire!”
Just pay it forward. Tell people about charity troops, find a way to get involved, support, or just be extra kind to people even if they’re acting like Vader. They’ve got an Anakin somewhere inside, and maybe a little kindness will remind them. Or maybe not, and that’s when you can be extra kind to yourself, too, and remember that no one else’s unkindness belongs to you- even if it is directed at you at the time. It’s not yours to carry. Walk away from something that makes you uncomfortable, be clear in your boundaries, respect yourself and be respectful to others. Be like Ahsoka – ask questions when you need to, and do your best. Believe, be strong, and keep the hope alive that humans can keep learning to be better to each other. We are a team! May the force be with you…always.

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