Someday is Now – The Fixer

Matthew is creating a business. He’s also driving me to the airport at 5 o’clock am. I feel like I might be late. I’m tense, frazzled, running on John Williams in my head, and two hours’ sleep.

“Oh? I’d like to hear about it,” I said, my mirror-neurons already firing up story beginnings, readying the “startup” reference files – something to make money. The tomes politely stacked themselves on the “to be consulted” shelves in the front of my mental library; my brain does like to prepare its material-

“A way to feed the homeless,” he said. I hastily cleared my brain shelves and sat forward.

He talked quietly, in an impassioned murmur, eyes on the road intensely, as if it held the answer to delays in production. I strained forward even further into the middle, between the front seats, like a kid on a car trip wanting to be in on the talk.

“I swear I’ll drive safely,” he added, as he swerved a little while rooting around in his glove compartment for a card.

I didn’t care. Don’t drive safely. Tell me more.

“Debit cards people can deposit into. So they know where it’s going, they know it’s not being spent on booze or drugs, they know they’re helping, and the people who need it receive help.”

His voice cracked “it’s taking too long. It’s out of my hands in tech land now, and every day they delay, someone is out there, hungry. Hungry. I tell them, I don’t care – just GET IT DONE.” I recognize his determination- it’s in my chest, too. He doesn’t know any other reality than this business working, and delays are intolerable. Blocks between this moment and the non-Someday-but-NOW! future he can see so clearly, are chafing him. I get it. Man, do I get it.

He has an old friend who lives next door to “my favorite singer in the world;” he said, growing suddenly coy.

Hints crept out… finally a first name… and I said, “are you talking about Eddie VEDDER?”

“Yes,” he said, glancing at me, a bright, kyber-crystal-blue eye lancing me briefly, then turning back to the road – Matthew appears to live more deeply than most- “yeah. He does things for the homeless, so I thought- anyway, my friend keeps trying to lure me there.”

“I was in one of Eddie’s music videos,” I chuckled and told him the story of my Cameron Crowe adventure – “and I think this is a sign. You need to go. He’s the coolest, most kind man. He’ll hear you.”

We sat and talked a bit at the airport loading zone. I didn’t care at this point what time my flight was.

It didn’t matter. What was important was that Matthew believe that he’ll find support. If Eddie doesn’t get to hear of this brilliant plan that’s already in motion, someone will. But because he’s Matthew’s favorite singer, and because he was vulnerable, authentic, and so kind to all of us doing his video, I hope he will.

Matthew isn’t waiting on Someday. Someday better catch up- time’s dancing forward, and every day that passes, there’s someone out there who needs a meal, and even more, needs the precious knowledge that people do care. And there’s a driver named Matthew who cares a whole damn lot.

If I learned from the other drivers about the energy with which we weave our “Someday,”

From this one, I learned to find the fire of urgency. To visualize that person in my mind who needs my work NOW- and I’ll quickly dismantle my someday, and “get it DONE.”

“When something’s dark, let me shed a little light on it / When something’s cold, let me put a little fire on it/ If something’s old, I wanna put a bit of shine on it/ When something’s gone, I wanna fight to get it back again/ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, fight to get it back again”

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