Making a Change for Good

I’m so grateful to be alive this day and about to begin work on my books.

We all have so much – it would be easy to focus on the things we lack, the little complaints- they can fill our consciousness.
I’ve grown so allergic to complaints, I will actually walk away if I hear them. Life force and time are far too precious to me to spend focusing on the things that come along with being alive.

I had an awesome boxing session last night. Instead of “it’s too hot,” we enjoyed a shorter warmup time and the benefits of bikram boxing. 😉

Seriously! I know it sounds “Pollyanna,” as our world is addicted to complaining, goissiping, criticizing and whining – behaviors that keep us stuck in a lack mentality- (focusing on what we lack, operating from what we perceive we lack)

I dare you- on this day I dare you to begin the mental shift. Let’s focus on what we have. Beginning with life.
It can be actually physically painful to carve new neural pathways – but with persistence and practice, life will shift in profound ways.

And if you’re talking and I walk away from you, gently reminding you first that I’ve taken all the victim-talk I can tolerate, the choice is yours…scoff, get offended, insist on your complaints, or step up with me.


6 thoughts on “Making a Change for Good

  1. I’ve started doing something similar; but instead of walking away, I try to explain why I’ve heard enough victim-talk.

    When a grown human being, especially someone I know well, begins, for example, to detail the abuse that they suffered 30, 40, 50 years ago, I can both empathize with their pain, but also ask them simply and directly why they want me to see them and treat them as a beaten child. Is that who they want me to see when I look at them? Or can we stipulate that it happened, and not discuss it again?

    Or when they complain constantly about their marriage, job, relationship, family, or living situation, but refuse to do anything to be a change agent.

    I want my friends to know that they can trust me to remember what they have been through; raising their past troubles in present conversations is not forward motion for anyone, and it’s actually, I think, emotionally abusive in its own way, because it causes the listener to feel badly.


    • Kate, you are so very wise. It’s generous to offer healing in this way, to give another person the opportunity to open their eyes to how they are keeping themselves stuck.
      On my more resilient days, I am going to adopt your practice.
      Luckily, those days are more frequent now 🙂
      miss you, dear Kate. thank all the Gods at once (and their little fishes) for the internet, this magical portal of connectedness, where I get to “visit” you from time to time. xx


  2. “Interesting blog. Great work on Star Trek. Fascinating struggle. I believe the greatest mystery in your search your passion is in the source of all truth. If you learn to look beyond the tampering of man with the Tanakh and the Brit Chadasha you will find with the tutelage of Ruach Hakodesh ultimate Truth about the ultimate Jew.”

    You mentioned a stint in Wicca commenting that it had a sense of growth and breathing with the earth Judaism lacks. That there seemed to be no room for growth in Judaism, as it was structured and stagnate by that structuring.

    Sad but true.

    If the progressive nature of God’s revelation to man is not permitted to flow onto the next major phase (the New Covenant) and the Old Covenant is the end all / be all dead-end she so eloquently described in her blog then the ultimate truth she seeks and the ultimate breathing and thriving she longs for will never be hers. And it is not as though people have not stopped up both covenants with their traditions and isms and interpolations making them appear NOT to be the path to the ultimate:

    fellowship with God

    …but just more of the same religious yammering the rest of the man-invented “faiths” are. Empty, rigorous insecurities, insuring devotion through fear and ignorance.

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