Speak Truth


Speak the truth – respect me, respect yourself.
I no longer have room in my world for less
(Both coming and going)

Passover — I know what I am choosing to take with me, and what I will leave behind.

It is so clear.

This is the time when change can happen in an instant, clean and irrevocable. This isn’t the time of slow inward change, that mirrors the trees in winter. Like the natural world that surrounds us in the Spring, we burst forth into blossom. Action, movement, life – it is time to trust that we have done the work during the long slow winter, and seize the change – catch the rising tide- now!

Quick- there’s no time to ruminate! What will you take with you- you’ve only room to carry one thing.
One thing that will define your future life- one thing that is your expression in the life to come

Other years, there maybe other things- what Is it this year?

What do you leave behind?

No one said the leaving would be easy. It is fast, but not necessarily painless.

But : “the shell must break before the bird can fly.” (- Aristotle)

We burn the chametz, the remnants of our ego, our puffed-up places of illusion

In fire –
In candlelight.

Beautiful, purifying, painful – depending on how close you are to the flame.

Chag sameach. This year is the first year I can say : I am ready.

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