It’s Launch Day! Drawn In by Sioux Trett

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone.  Today I’m thrilled to be hosting a friend who is launching her new book today!

Happy birthday, Drawn In, and congratulations, Sioux!


I’ve been a beta reader for this book and I must say – it’s a lovely book. I can’t wait to see Sioux’s creation out in the world, (March 17 is the date!) and I know people will love her characters as much as I do.

So – without further ado, here’s Sioux!

1. Hi Sioux! I’m going to jump right in with questions.
Do you have a special writing ritual to get you into the world of your story?

Ooo interesting! I think maybe I should more than I do, I think it would helpful to adopt one as I move deeper into sequel-writing! But I do find it helpful to have a quiet environment. I know a lot of writers thrive on creating a soundtrack and having music to write to, but that is definitely not me. My scenes always start as dialogue, and I have to be able to listen to the characters. A cup of tea doesn’t hurt either.]

2. Tell us … are there any major changes in your book from the VERY FIRST version? And how do you feel about those changes?

So very many changes… so so so many. In the very first version I started in the wrong place, I focused on the wrong elements, I had an interesting premise, but very little plot. So I gave it some time to gel, and I passed it through lots of beta readers’ hands, shelved it for a while… it’s been through the wringer. After many re-writes, it’s finally in a place where I’m happy with it, and I’m so proud of the changes that have happened. I think it’s come a long way, and I’m excited to share the final product with the world!
3. Any advice for those of us who are still plugging along on our novels? (I’m deliberately leaving this vague so you can say any old thing that is important to you!) What helped you finally reach completion?

Finishing that first draft is so daunting, it can feel overwhelming at times. I’m diving back into that now with the sequel! But there’s really only one piece of advice that’s worth anything, and that is: Keep Writing. Don’t edit as you go, just write. Get it out, and save that inner critic for the editing phase. What finally made me get to the finishing point for the rough draft was NaNoWriMo, and that’s solely because it forced me out of my head and made me just get the words out. What made me get to the finishing point where I feel I’m ready to publish was hiring an editor for an “outsider’s” perspective, taking those notes, and finally fixing things that I’d been shying away from.

4. Do you have adventures up ahead for your lovable main character, Rennie, do you see an end, or is this ongoing at this point?

The sequel is in the works now, and I know of two novellas that I definitely see happening in Rennie’s world. As far as seeing the end, I’ve known the ending point of her story since I started writing, so I’m just having a great time getting there and I hope that readers will enjoy the journey with me.
5. I love Rennie … she feels like someone I’d love to be friends with. Is she drawn from anyone in life?

Thank you! I’m sure she’d love to hang out with you as well! 🙂 Rennie has a lot of me in her… her sense of humor is mine, and her geek tendencies are all mine. People who know me REALLY well can see the similarities, for sure. But she is her own person. She has some deep insecurities that I don’t share, and she shows some real bravery that I’m not sure I would have in her circumstances. I think she’s probably a good mix of me and several of my nieces.

Thank you for joining me today, Sioux – and congratulations! I’m sure everyone will love Rennie and her world, and I’m excited for them to read your book. 

here’s Sioux:

siouxSioux Trett was born and raised in San Luis Obispo, California (the setting of Drawn In). She graduated from college in Oregon, and now makes her home in the beautiful Ozarks. When she’s not writing or reading, she can be found traveling, playing with the cutest puppy on the planet, or obsessing over things like Doctor Who, manicures, and Starbucks. Find more at her blog

places to find her book:
Amazon Kindle pre-sale


places to find Sioux:


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