The other day, my therapist, Annie, said: “Do you know what ‘courage’ means?”
“Acting in the face of fear?” I faltered.
“It comes from the French – coeur – heart, and Latin: cor. Choosing from the heart in the face of fear. So: good job. You were courageous. You are courageous.”  Deep breath. Relief.

Hey, yeah. I was courageous.

Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves, eh?
And from a TED talk by Brene Brown : “Courage – telling your story…with your whole heart.”
also this:
“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”
that’s what I’ve got for ya on this lovely wednesday evening.
Courage, friends! Sometimes it is wearing a disguise; it’s dressed like fear. Sometimes it looks like fumbling to speak and saying all the wrong things- but trying anyway. Sometimes it’s simply looking into another person’s eyes, trying to see them, *really* see them, let down your guard, and let them be different than all the ones who hurt you.
Courage. Coeur.


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