in memory

let death teach us how to live –
Today is a deep reminder to me – we never know how long we have, so when I look into someone’s eyes, when I talk to them,
I want to be there fully. It’s a practice so easy to forget when we are so busy…
nothing- nothing at all – can be more important than connecting truly with the heart.




I’m glad I was there. I am grateful I heard you. Thank you for sharing you.

You both were such bright lights in your own unique ways. Oddly, though so different, you shared a childlike quality of playfulness & sweetness – so this day is a very heavy one indeed.  A little light left the world when you died.

how fortunate we were to be here to know you, even a little bit.

It is beautiful that you both touched so many people’s hearts, and left them a little (or a lot) changed for the better. If only we all could do something that glorious with our time here. Both of you did. You gave joy.
Selfishly, i go to a place of: i do not want to lose anyone else. make it stop.
this is too much. I do not want to say goodbye.


So let this be a teacher to me – and to all of us still here- that love is the most important – what could matter more than knowing we will also leave behind us a legacy of sweet loving kindness?


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