“Tiferet is the center, the green there…” Reb Zalman said, “and everything passes through it.”

“If I could leave one legacy behind me, it would be this,”

he paused to catch his breath.

“Prayer.  The sense that when you pray, you are connecting – you are heard. There is someone who hears you. There is an answer. The answer may be in the longing.  The deep longing for something better, for wholeness, for God. We always think God is in the joyous times, like oy, that Romemu we just had here.

But when I pray, I bring all of myself.  The sitra achra, people like to call their dark places. But look at Torah- it is through those places the God voice comes. When I pray, I bring all of myself – who is to say which part God will come through?”

“You need an image, you need a face. We are human and we need these things. More these days, the face of the God I am praying to is in my mind a woman. Ima.  the face of the mother.  The women are bringing about a transformation of Judaism. They want their voices to be heard. They are in the white spaces of Torah – between the black letters, you know – more and more these days I am dwelling in the white spaces.”

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